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Select PLDT Fibr Customers Receiving Speed Boosts For Free

Confirmed by several subscribers

Here’s some good news for PLDT Fibr subscribers: the telco company is recently rolling out speed boost to current Fibr plans free of charge. Our editor-in-chief John received the notification and was informed that the speed boost will take effect within 24 hours.

The link in the said message brings you to this verification page, where you input your account number and see if you are eligible for a free speed boost upgrade.


According to Back2Gaming, this corroborates previous rumors that PLDT will be updating its Fibr plans with faster speeds. The updated speeds are as follows:

  • Home Fibr Plan 6299 from 250Mbps to 350Mbps (TBD)
  • Home Fibr Plan 2899 from 50Mbps to 100Mbps (TBD)
  • Home Fibr Plan 1899 from 25Mbps to 30Mbps
  • Home Fibr Plan 1299 from 5Mbps to 10Mbps

Have you received a similar message from PLDT? Let us know in the comments section.

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    1. Yes i received that message but the link is broken. I did not receive the confirmation code. Tried to resend the code multiple times but still did not receive the code

      1. I have the same issue. I got the SMS but didn’t get the OTP code. I called PLDT and they sent me an OTP code but the codes don’t work!

      2. They send the code after so many hrs. I kept repeating until today, I finally got an OTP almost right away so Im just waiting for them to activate the boost. Took me 5 days doing it.

  1. I received the above message and complied the verification process. I was told that I will receive a notification when it will take effect within 24 hours but I have not receive any.

  2. I am one very disappointed and dissatisfied subscriber and I can’t switch to other telcom because of non-availability in our area. Been with this provider for 25 years and I’m surprised to know that I am not a priority when I applied for a home fibre plan from dsl. I just hope options will be available soonest.

  3. Nice! Last time when I was still on dsl. Two months after I got connected the plans changed. The speeds were better but the cost are the same. I requested to have my speed updated since I am paying the same price and the CSR told me the new plans are for new customers only. In short, I need to wait 2 more years to apply for the new plans since I was on 2 years lock in period

  4. Hi,

    Yesterday apparently and past few days ago there was a bypass method on how to avail the speedboost even you may or may not received the above text. Eventually that bypass will get you to a portal wherein you will get a otp to validate your mobile number and email registered at pldt and whoala it will direct you to a portal that your speedboost will apply within 24 hours. But as of today it was already debug and patched so the next thing to verify for now is that portal on the bitly link. Several subs around plan 1299 onwards got the speedboost in just 2 hours tops. Also got the speedboost are those who just subscribe measly 1 month and they are not entitled yet to it.

    Anyway the boost is real it was announced last May during #PLDT2019ASM you may checked this link

    and also this one from pldt during their first quarter announcements slide 30 of the ppp.

  5. 15mbps wala update
    Mabuti pa 1299 5 mbps up 10mbps na.
    Iyo 15mbps 1699 pota ampair
    Mabuti pa 1299 php 10mbps
    Masmura 1299php 10mbps sa 1699 php15mbps lng

  6. why waste this kind of process why not upgrade anyone automatically , who refuses a speed upgrade , it only means they if they cant upgrade your speed you will have downtime due to fixing what they did

    1. Yes I received that massage and the link is broken I submit the required number the night after but I did not received this the Code twice.

  7. I received the message, and my account has been verified! I am currently at 50mbps plan 2899, I just wonder how much speed I will gain, I hope they double it! 😀

    1. any idea how long the speed boost would last? is it for good or just for a few days? may nabasa akong 1 week lang, but not sure if tama. thanks

  8. I got the sms. I have been three years subscriber. Currently running 50mbps . I will provide feedback if the update is substantial.

  9. Please i want to avail that speed boost. I had upgraded from 25(1899) to 50mbps (2899)just yesterday, but sad to say that wala pa akong na receive na notification about speed boost. Hopefully soon!

    1. Paanu po iupgrade ung account ko from 50mbps to 100 Mbps…d kc ako nakatangap ng notification para nakapag upgrade …pls…help me

  10. got the boost..received and validated on several devices! Thank you PLDT

    I guess the boost was meant for a) customers who have paid on time, and b) have been a subscriber with the Fibr plan for a substantial period.

  11. I got the email confirmation after visiting the link they sent out through SMS.

    From 50Mbps to 100Mbps confirmed. As for permanency of the speed boost, basing from a thread in Reddit, some were able to verify through PLDT that the increase is permanent.

  12. Paanu po iupgrade ung account ko from 50mbps to 100 Mbps…d kc ako nakatangap ng notification para nakapag upgrade …pls…help me

  13. I did but what’s good with a speed boost when I have an ongoing issue with the current speed? I have been waiting for their technician for days. Our home Fibr couldn’t even reach 2mbps.

  14. Received that message but i can’t receive the OTP they sent to my number. also the page is so slow, there server sucks

    1. Same here. Received the text today, but not receiving the confirmation code even though I opted to resend code lots of times now.

        1. ganon padin, i contacted pldt na na nag error otp nila, biruin mo na receipt mga codes early in the morning na, then expire na kasi 15 minutes lang dapat ang code…

      1. Same here. It’s really irritating. i got the SMS notif, but can’t get the OTP. then after calling PLDT, they sent some OTPs, but di naman gumagana.

      2. Tyaga lang, matagal talaga ang code dumating. Gawin mo, wag mo i-close yung bitly browser n last mong submit, para pag dumating yung code even after the next day, it will still be valid as long as you use the code w/in 15 mins, and on that same browser you opened.

  15. Same experience. Received the message but verification codes are not coming in my mobile phone to finish the process. 🙁

  16. problem sa verification code, di naman kaya dapat naka connect ka sa PLDT na internet, right now naka connect ako sa globe.

    1. I received the sms about the speed boost this morning. The page kept saying “Service unavailable.” My request finally went through after 6 hours, lol.

      Your phone doesn’t have to be connected to the internet to receive the OTP. But be patient because it would take a while. After about 5 minutes for me.

    2. Tinry kong iactivate yung speed boost thru link provided. Pero invalid yung OTP pag iniinput kahit tama naman. Ano ba to PLDT. Paki-ayos!

    3. Same here. Been trying since morning, pero walang OTP code dumating. Until this afternoon, may code na dumating d na gumana kasi 30mins lang yung validity.

  17. I received a text message just now for the free speed boost. It took a while for the verification process to push through but it finally did. I am now just waiting for the activation.

  18. I am having the same problem as the other commenters on this supposed free internet boost. It takes forever for one to be brought or redirected to the link, and the verification code never arrives despite my clicking the resend code button several times.

  19. i just read the message around 7pm although i received it around 10am. right now i just keep on resending the code and still haven’t got one. im still hoping though they’d send it to me. hehe

  20. Hi, i updated my contact number in my pldt home account but still the verification code was sent to my old contact number which was registered to my pldt home account but this old number is not exist anymore.

  21. Been trying to get the code last night… late dumadating ung code kaya expired na pag susubukan kong gamitin… tanginang PLDT yan pati OTP sobrang lag.. bagal na nga connection pati sa gagong OTP nila delayed ren

  22. i also received that message but received the code very late; then when I input the code it’s Invalid Code. Please try again…..

  23. naka received ako ng text msg pero d nmn ako naka fibr plan Home DSL lang ako hahahah weird pero tnry ko pa rin pero walang OTP na nadating may ddating man expired na sa tagal.

  24. Eto po latest text message ni PLDTCARE, hayst na lang!

    PLDT Home Advisory
    October 4, 2019

    We sent an advisory to qualified customers for the free speed boost program yesterday. The response has been overwhelming and beyond our expectations. Due to the high volume of transactions, we would like to ask for your patience as we address each request. Please be assured that all interested qualified customers will receive their free speed boost in due time. Thank you for your understanding.

  25. I have received the message but when I input my landline number to get a code it gets sent about 30 mins later which is above the 14 mins window

  26. The process for the free upgrade is glitchy. Received the OTP after 24 hours and by then it was not operational. So much for the free upgrade.

  27. kala ako lang ang nakaka experience ng delay na sms code. 3 days ko na paulit ulit sinusubukan kala ko mahina lang signal ng smart ko kaya delay ang sms code. biruin mo 15 minutes lang daw kailangan ilagay ang sms code na itetex nila. Grabe yung sms sobrang delay umagavako nag request dumating hapon na edi invalid na expire na. Sinubukan ko ulit mag resend ng code ngunit ganun parin sobrang delay talaga expire na ulit bago dumating ang code. Parang nanloloko na ang PLDT. sila pabnaman ang may ari ng smart at talk n text pero delay ang verification code. kaloka.

  28. the pldt-home sent me the password (OTP) 12:57 am in the morning when I already asleep which is more than 24 hrs I’m waiting for that 6 digit code, then when I woke up I immediately try to submit hoping it will work out but of course as you all know stated in the message enter the code within 15min, as a result, the code becomes invalid: so I’m wondering because they sent me the code and the code become invalid did I lost the chance of free speed boost they giving wow wow wow wow PLDT is the best please somehow try to clarify this issue thank you so much…

  29. the process sucks! Received OTP after 48 hours!! and I received more than 10 OTPs. I tried to log in again, OTP received after 5 mins, codes takes time to receive in inbox and when you key in, it will say invalid code!!!

    Helloooo PLDT, are you joking??

  30. Hey PLDT, your free speed boosts is like the Philippine Lotto. You need to fall in line and wait for your chance to hit the jackpot.

  31. Luckily, after 5 days of trying to get that OTP, i was finally able to get that free boost last night! from 5mbps to 10mbps!

  32. All I got was this message: “We are continuously upgrading our facilities to give you faster speeds.
    Hang tight! PLDT Home Fibr will be there for you soon. Thank you for giving us the pleasure to serve you.”

    I wonder what they mean by “soon?”

  33. After 1 week of trying, okay na po ngayon ang receiving ng OTP via SMS.
    Nag try ako last night and nareceive ko agad agad yung OTP.
    After that may other instruction na may mareceive namang validation link sa email. And wait daw within 24hrs.
    Tapos pag check ko this morning, from 5Mbps naging 10Mbps na po. Legit. 🙂

  34. ako wala ako natanggap na confirmation na ok na speed boost pero speed checj yup from 25 ngayon 30mpbs na xa… pang check

  35. Nakarecieve din kame ng ganyan. Naka PLDT Home DSL po kame and Plan 1299 binabayaran namin with landline and 3mbps download speed. 2hrs ago after ko ma ayos yung code na sinesend sa phone nung registered account user. Then nagprovide ako ng email and got the email. After or within 24 hours daw magnonotify sila samin. Ewan ko kung sa number provided namin or sa email. Will update you soon. Today is Oct 9 11:49pm

  36. This is a joke! Natanggap namin yung text pero ang tagal bago pumasok yung request. Oo after 24 hours kahit walang confirmation napansin namin na bumilis nga yung net namin. Di ako makapinawa nung una kasi naka plan 1299 lang kami. Tapos after 3 days binalik yung dati naming speed na 3mbps??? Ano to joke joke lang nila?

  37. I received your notice but when i gave my tel number nothing happens seemingly my speedis too slow my name is evelyn amboy 0285569124

  38. Sinubukan kong ilagay Account # at phone number hindi gumagana ..

    It seems that the
    number you typed is incorrect.
    You may have to check it again.

  39. Yes i received that message but the link is broken. I did not receive the confirmation code. Tried to resend the code multiple times but still did not receive the code
    How can i change my cell number on my account

  40. We are continuously upgrading our
    facilities to give you faster speeds.
    Hang tight! PLDT Home Fibr will be there for you soon.

    Thank you for giving us the pleasure to serve you.

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