Signups for the Pokemon Go Field Test Now Live!


We’re aboard the hype train for Pokemon Go by Niantic Labs and we’ve got a good news and bad news situation that came from one of our sources. Good news is that sign ups for to field test Pokemon Go are now available, which means we’re getting closer to a launch date. The bad news is that the field test is only open to users in the United States.

If chosen to catch ’em all before anyone else does, users must keep their experience with the app under wraps and any progress they’ve had with the game will, of course, be wiped when the game is officially launched. In fact, Niantic will be wiping data every now and then while they test, so it’s best not to get attached to your Pokemon should you be chosen to take the app for a spin in the real world.

If you happen to be a reader from the US, you can’t imagine how envious we are that you may get the chance to try the app out and start on your journey to be the very best. If you’re a fan of the series and happened to miss all the hype for some reason, check out the video below:

Source: Engadget

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