Smallville Series Finale (Season 10)

Smallville started in October, 2001. That was when I was in first year college. The final episode was just aired a few days ago making it the longest build-up for a superhero reveal in a television series in the history of the world. After 10 long seasons Smallville finally comes to a close and we get to see Clark Kent don the blue suit and the red cape. I just watched the last episode (Smallville Season 10 Episode 21-22) and it was just surreal to see Tom Welling become Superman. It was also great to see members of the original cast join the fray to bring the story full circle. I wasn’t too impressed with the story or the effects but I don’t really care anymore (Smallville became really weird starting Season 7) since I just wanted to see Superman, haha!

Won’t reveal too much details about the episode but here are a couple of screencaps:

Thank you to all the cast and crew of Smallville for making Superman come to life on the TV. Again I’m not a fan of the script but hey it’s still Superman. 🙂

Carlo Ople

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