Sony to Cut Price For 500GB PS4 in PH


There’s never been a better time to own a PS4

Good news, PlayStation fans – if you’ve been waiting for a good time to buy Sony’s latest console, listen up: Sony has officially cut the prices of 500GB version of the PS4 across Asia, and is now only Php 18,900 from Php 24,999.

That price cut comes a few months before the deluge of games for the holiday season, where big titles are expected to inundate the local marketplace (and destroy productivity). Sony has also announced that the 1TB version of the PS4 will arrive on October 23 with a price tag of Php20,900.


By the way, if you’re a huge fan of Star Wars or the NBA, you might want to check out the limited edition PS4 bundles that are also headed to the Philippines.

So there you go! If you’ve been itching to buy a PS4 better stay that hand for a few more weeks. 🙂

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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    1. Iba ang indonesian rupiah sa indian rupee. Ganun talaga ang conversion sa indonesia pero hindi ibig sabihin na mababa ang buying power ng pera nila.

  1. The price has been 18k(card)/17k(cash) from DataBlitz and GameOneGadget/iTech for a while. But I guess it’s good for the people that buy them from Sony stores, which presumably offer longer installment terms.

  2. A little word of advice lang. The 1TB Versions might be older units (CUH-11XX) na kinabitan lang ng Sony ng 1TB para maubos nila yung older stocks. The Newer 500GB (CUH-12XX) units are distinguishable by the matte finished HDD Cover and Mechanical Power/Eject Buttons. Supposedly yung CUH-1200 Consumes Less Power, Is 10% Lighter, Has an updated Motherboard and generates less heat. Also, production cost is lower. Kaya pati ginawang mechanical yung buttons kasi dating design nag e-eject yung disc pag uminit (akala nung unit may pumipindot na daliri haha) Anyway, nakasulat naman yun sa lower right side ng box katabi ng “500GB” Although pag kinuha nyo yung currently sold na Phantom Pain Edition PS4 and Taken King Edition PS4, CUH-12XX units na sila. 😀

    1. So mas ok pala ang motherboard ng nabili kong 500gb? Akala ko na rip off ako ng sony dahil mababa nilang ibebenta yung 1tb version sa october 23. Kung may heating issues yung 1tb di bale na lang masaya na ako sa 500gb na walang problema.

        1. pero yung nag e eject yung disc on its own, di naman lahat ng cases ganun. Nakita ko lang online. So i can’t prove or disprove it. Basta google CUH-1200, daming articles about em 😉

  3. If the prices now are 17-18k at datablitz…they will hopefully lower their prices once the Sony stores start selling them at 18900.

    1. ay joke lang.. sa october 1 pala… pero ask lang ulit.. bakit sa DataBlitz ng Alabang Town Center, 21k+ yung price ng PS4 nila akala ko mabababan price nila binebenta yun?

    1. That’s kind of faulty and childish logic so I’m assuming you are underage and using your parents’ money. People ask for price first to know if they can afford it or not. If they can’t, they will not buy it. Simple as that.

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