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Terra Nova

Terra Nova TV Series

Looking for a new TV series to follow on a weekly basis? Well look no further because we have a solid recommendation for you guys. Terra Nova just started airing last September 26 on FOX and it debuted with a 2-hour episode that you can already find online (*wink*). It’s a science fiction-drama series that has a great story and even better visual effects.

Here’s the official plot:

The show begins in the year 2149, a time when all life on planet Earth is threatened with extinction due to dwindling worldwide air quality and overpopulation. It has become virtually impossible for humanity to survive, and almost no vegetation exists. At Hope Plaza, a massive ring shaped structure in Chicago, scientists discover a rift in space-time that allows people to travel 85 million years back in time to the late Cretaceous period of a prehistoric Earth, but in an alternate timeline (thus avoiding paradoxes caused by reverse-flow time travel), offering a chance to save humanity. The Shannon family (father Jim, his wife Elisabeth, and their three children Josh, Maddy, and Zoe) join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova, becoming part of the first human colony on the other side of the temporal doorway.[4]

The Shannon Family starts a new life in Terra Nova while having to deal with carnivorous dinosaurs and the Sixers (a splinter faction that has been opposed to Terra Nova ever since arriving in prehistoric times during the sixth pilgrimage).

Source: WikiPedia

Here’s the official Terra Nova trailer:

Debut episode already up. Check it out, watch it, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Woot! Scary Dino FTW

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