The Future Is Bright For Marvel’s Mobile Games

Marvel Super War, New Future Fight Content and more coming

Mobile is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the gaming industry, and it’s a proving to be a hugely profitable sector for many developers and publishers. Marvel is of the many companies duking it out in the highly competitive space, and already has a solid offering in the form of Marvel Future Fight.

The company is looking to expand into the gaming space further via their new, competitive MOBA Marvel Super War, and who better to tell us what to expect from the new MOBA and future content for Future War than Danny Koo of Marvel Games and Joe Lee of Netmarble.

Can you tell us what made you guys decide to jump in on the Mobile MOBA scene with the launch of Marvel Super Wars?

Danny Koo: MOBA is quite popular in SEA. We assembled all of the fan-favorite Marvel characters – Both Super Heroes and Super Villains in this game, and I think we have a very big chance of succeeding here in SEA. We also have expertise in the mobile genre, and we believe in collaboration with top-in-class partners, such as with NetEase Games, which only boosts our confidence in these games.

MOBAs at their very core is a delicate balancing act, especially when it comes to character abilities. How do you find the equilibrium between each and every character’s superpower?

Danny Koo: In Marvel, the power of one character is very well thought through. We have studied every design very carefully to make sure that we can create a fine power to every character, and also we want to make sure that each of them will be able to show their abilities in the game.

Future Fight has been around for a while now. How do you keep people interested?

Joe Lee: The game is on its fifth year already and we’ve been introducing a lot of characters and content to the game. Of course, there is always exciting new stuff. We are actually having some plans in making some changes to the existing modes. For example, we merged some content into one from a big update that we recently had. So instead of spending too much time in the old modes, we created updates that will make them focus on the new features. We also incorporate new characters, narratives, and with the 4 new Super Heroes that we announced today, we’re sure it’s going to get fans excited just as we are with Future Fight.

Now that Phase 3 of MCU is done, how much content seeps into your games from the showing of new Marvel films? Can we expect more loose narratives?

Danny Koo: We take inspiration for our Marvel games not only by the MCU films, but also from comics, TV, animation, the list goes on. We do not necessarily follow the narratives in the films, but we coordinate very closely with our developers in crafting a fresh approach to the stories in the games.

Marvel’s Future Fight is available for download here. Pre-registrations are open for Marvel’s Super War, which will be available on both iOS and Android devices soon.

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