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The X Factor (USA) 2011 Miami Best Auditions

Our Top 5 auditions so far for X Factor USA 2011

The X Factor (USA)

I’ve been a huge fan of the X Factor ever since it came out in the UK. I’ve been following every season via their Youtube channel. Simon Cowell brought it to the USA recently and they just had their first two episodes. We rounded up our personal top 5 best auditions for your consideration, hehe. Watch the videos and read a quick summary of their stories below.

Chris is a 28 y/o garbage collector who used to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. He just got out of rehab 2 months prior to his audition. He delivers a cool, slick, and beautiful original composition. The video as of this writing already has 1.7M views and it will continue to climb up because this guy has unbelievable talent and a powerful story.

One of my favorite auditions! Stacy is a 42 y/o single mother who has always been told she was too old to sing. She was in a very bad relationship and you can assume that the person who was actually putting her down was the guy she was with. Anyway, Stacy proves to everyone that she’s not too old by delivering a powerful, emotionally charged, and riveting rendition of Natural Woman.

The guy moves, sings, and dances like Usher and Bobby Brown combined. Even Simon recognizes the similarities!

A singing competition won’t be complete if you don’t have someone there with Filipino blood! Enter: Ellona Santiago. She’s 14 y/o making her one of the most adorable contestants. Go PH!

18 y/o freshman that does Beyonce’s “Listen” justice. She gets Nicole all teary eyed!

Click here to go to the X Factor USA Youtube Channel to watch more videos.

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