Crumpler Considerable Embarrassment

Crumpler Considerable Embarrassment

Crumpler Considerable Embarrassment Laptop Bag

After launching the Dry Red collection here in the Philippines, Crumpler is back with another new model, the Crumpler Considerable Embarrassment. This large-capacity bag packs several compartments and storage zones making it an ideal everyday companion. This bag ca fit your 15-inch laptop, tablet, phones, and a bunch of other mobile gadgetry. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks amazing and it’s also made from quality materials making sure everything inside is protected and well-organized.

Check out the photos we snapped below. Don’t forget to read the captions!

Dual quick release compression straps to make sure everything is secure inside your Crumpler. We don't want any of your gadgets falling out while you're up and about.
Velcro seals keeps the flap sealed even if the buckles are not connected.
Front zippered pocket with 5-pocket mini office organiser and key loop
Large general cargo compartment. I usually put my iPad here as well as a notebook or two. FYI this is spacious. I stuffed two phones in their big boxes and I still had space for more.
Integrated, fully padded 15-inch laptop sleeve with full-width velcro-fastened flap. There's also another velcro-fastened internal compartment and two smaller compartments at the sides. Total of 5 storage zones inside the main satchel! Not bad.
Slot at the back so you can easily slide it in your stroller when travelling. This can also function as a handle. Notice the black buckle as well which lets you easily adjust the length of the strap.

There are three ways of bringing this bag around. First is by the handle but this can be a fit uncomfortable since this was really meant to be a slot for strollers. The second way is by just carrying it around using the shoulder strap (traditional way of carrying laptop bags). The third is to use it as a sling bag. There’s even a provision for you to lock the straps from under your arm to to the shoulder pad. Check out the photo below:

50mm strap with an air-meshed panelled shoulder pad! This reduces shoulder fatigue which is important to consider in your bag purchases.

Over-all we’re pretty impressed with this bag. It can carry tons of stuff without adding too much weight to your gear. Despite being lightweight it still offers great protection and organization options. It may not look too professional due to the color combination but at least it’s not your usual boring black bag.

Pricing and Availability

The Crumpler Considerable Embarrassment is available in Crumpler stores (Fort Bonifacio, SM Megamall) for around Php6,500. It’s definitely not cheap but this will last you several years before it gives out making it a good investment.

Two thumbs up!

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