Delsey Design Cross Trip Messenger Bag

Check out the Delsey Design Cross Trip Messenger Bag in Red!

Delsey Design Cross Trip Messenger Bag

Around a month ago we received an e-mail asking us for a recommendation for a casual, protective, multi-pocketed, and branded messenger bag other than Crumpler (lol) that sold for under Php5,000. We were quite stumped for a while until we found this bag on 30% sale in Travel Club, VMALL. The Delsey Design Cross Trip Messenger Bag can keep your 13″-15″ laptop safe with double-layered protection. You’ll also have several well-organized compartments and pockets that you can use to store your various mobile devices and peripherals. In other words this bag makes for a great everyday work companion especially if you’re looking for something a little more casual than a briefcase.

Check out the photos below. Don’t forget to read the captions for the details. :)

Here's what the back looks like. It has an easy-access zippered compartment. Not that there's also a smaller zippered pouch at the front of the bag as well Just refer to the photo at the top of this entry.
Delsey definitely paid attention to the small details. The labels, straps, and accents are made from great materials as well and they're properly and stylishly branded.
Here's a photo of the front zippered compartment. You might want to put stuff here that you have to keep getting out of your bag like your mobile phone, USB flash drive, wallet, etc.
To open the front you'll have to press and unlock the hatches at each side. You can then pull up the front flap to reveal the main compartment which also has a smaller zippered pouch. There's also another and bigger zippered front pouch. You'll notice that there's a laptop sleeve inside the bag. A 15" sleeve that's colored red/black comes with the package :)
You can use the inner big zippered pouch for your headphones and other medium-sized peripherals and gadgets. Shown here is the White Marshall Major Headphones.

Pricing and Availability

The Delsey Design Cross Trip Messenger Bag is being sold in Travel Club for Php4,900+. If you’re lucky they might still be selling it at 30% off which would bring down to price to around 3,300+. That’s already a very good price given all the features and the quality of the materials used in this bag.

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