Devon’s Limited Edition Star Wars Darth Vader Watch Costs 1.3 Million Pesos!


The ultimate watch for any Star Wars fan

If you’re a Star Wars fan with serious money to burn, you’re not going to be satisfied with regular, “limited edition” merchandise that’s slated to come out for the release of Episode 7. No, you want a piece of Star Wars memorabilia that almost no one has, and one that costs a serious amount of money. Well, congratulations, Mr. Moneybags – we have something for you. Meet Devon’s limited Edition Star Wars Darth Vader watch, an impossibly complex hybrid mechanical watch that uses cutting edge technology and parts sourced from the aerospace industry.


First off, the Devon Star Wars Darth Vader is extremely limited, with only 500 being built as we speak. As you can see from the images, the design of the watch is based on the iconic Imperial Tie Fighter that has managed to sear itself in our collective pop consciousness. Devon has created a system of four micro step motors powered by a hybrid electro-mechanical source. That, along with an optical recognition system, allows the watch to tell time more precisely than any mechanical watch that exists today. Devon is so confident about their design that they say the Star Wars Darth Vader watch is accurate to within one half second per day.


The watch is impossibly complex, using 350 individual pieces, 4 micro step motors, 4 fiberglass reinforced nylon belts and 313 electrical contacts. It’s a hand-made masterpiece¬†and serves as a kinetic sculpture on your wrist that forms the center of conversation wherever you go.

Obviously this kind of craftsmanship isn’t cheap, and believe us, that’s an understatement – the Star Wars Darth Vader Devon watch costs a cool $28,500, or around Php 1.3 million in our currency.

John Nieves

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