Hedgren Votre Sac

Hedgren Votre Sac for Men

Hedgren Votre Sac for Men

I bought this bag last month at Travel Club in V-mall Greenhills. It immediately got my attention because it was exactly what I was looking for. The Hedgren Votre Sac is a water-repellent leather vertical bag that has several compartments for your laptop, headphones, and other mobile gadgets/accessories. It’s also made from quality materials so you don’t have to worry of the straps or zippers breaking down after using it for a month or two.

Let me go over the bag with you guys by showing you a couple of pictures. Just check the captions underneath the photos for the descriptions.

Simple but classy branding
Three main compartments
The first one is for your laptop. It fits my MacBook Pro 13". Has some extra space. Note there's also a mini zippered compartment inside for USB keys, plug-its, etc.
Second compartment is also spacious. It can fit your tablets (iPad, PlayBook, etc). For me I use it to store my headphones!
The last compartment is for your wallet and "other stuff". There's a holster for your mobile phone and ring slots for two pens.
All three compartments open!

The Hedgren Votre Sac sells for around Php4,500. You can get a small discount if you pay in cash (5%). I’m not sure if there are any other colors since the only one I saw last month was this dark brown variant. No complaints though since I love this color! Goes well with semi-formal or casual.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Wonderful bag!!! I love the colors too, particularly the vermillion interior. Reminds me of Jack Spade (but leather finish on the outside). It’s nice to see Hedgren traverse towards leather products. I remember Hedgren used to be my and my older brother’s bag during our college days. :D It’s still alive till this day. Talk about being built tough Lolz!

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