Kenneth Cole New York Venetian Clutch

There are times when you still need a bag even if you’re not bringing your laptop or iPad with you. The rise of consumer electronics has increase the number of small devices we carry with us. Some people bring two phones with them plus additional stuff like their wallet, iPod, keys, USB dongle, business cards, etc. If this is you then you might want to consider getting a clutch bag instead. It’s easy to bring around and spacious enough for your gear. Just make sure you go for a not-too-fashion-forward design unless you’re the type that can really pull off metrosexual looks.

Here’s a good clutch bag that has a classic design and is perfect for professionals and executives. Don’t forget to read the captions!

Kenneth Cole Venetian Clutch

(Yes the name sounds like a WWE finishing maneuver but it’s a really good bag, lol)

Kenneth Cole New York Venetian Clutch
Classic dark design.
Made from genuine leather. Feels great to touch. Definitely smells like real leather too.
It's also not to thick. Easy to grip and carry around.

What can fit in it?

L-R: Dosh Wallet, HTC Desire S, Smart Bro Rocket, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Marshall Major Headphones (White)
Success! The phones are in the internal compartments. Wallet at the exterior sleeve. Headphones and USB in the main pouch. Still has room for keys, pens, and maybe a small notebook.

The pictures don’t show it but the bag has several compartments. Outside it has two pouches that are closed magnetically. Inside there’s a zippered compartment, the main pouch, and compartments for a phone and your cards.

Available at the Kenneth Cole store in Eastwood Mall (ground floor) for Php4,650.

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