Love the Scent of a New Mac? Here’s a Mac-Scented Candle for You

The enterprising guys over at Twelve South are selling Mac-scented soy candles for all you “new Mac smell” fans out there in the world. As a company that designs accessories exclusively for Apple, Twelve South said that branching out into Mac-smelling candles was a natural outcome given their market positioning.


“We’re like a team of Mac nerds here. Something that starts as a joke can very easily become a product,” Twelve South co-founder Andrew Green told AdWeek in an interview. “It’s an idea that’s clearly struck a nerve, so we’ll make more,” he added.


The “New Mac Soy Candle” burns for up to 55 hours, bringing with it the fragrance of a “newly opened Mac laptop.” According to Twelve South, the scent was created using “hints of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin, and sage”. The soy wax candle costs $24 (~Php 1.2K) and is molded by manual means.

Unfortunately, Twelve South is currently out of stock of these funky Mac-scented candles, so prospective buyers will have to wait for a while longer to get that “new Mac” odor back into their lives.

For now, here’s another novelty candle that might interest connoisseurs, the LuDela Smart Candle. Check that out while waiting for a new batch of those soy candles.

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Source: Fortune, Twelve South

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