MEMO Men’s Messenger Bag

Good wallet-friendly bag for work: Memo Men's Messenger Bags

If you want a serious looking bag to bring to work and you don’t have thousands upon thousands of cash to spend for it then you might want to consider the messenger bags being sold by Memo at Eastwood Mall, Libis, QC. While it’s not made of the best leather in the world it definitely does well in the looks department and it’s pretty spacious inside. You can probably fit a 15″ laptop in there and a tablet and you’ll still have room to spare. However the best thing about this is the price. They go for just Php1,590. Comes in black and brown.

View inside

Note that there’s only one major compartment for your stuff. There are two small pockets and a zippered compartment as well but that’s not much to work with. This is really more for those who travel light to work. Probably a laptop, notebook, and your mobile devices.

I’m not sure if other Memo branches carry this since the saleslady at Eastwood told me that they only have a few bags of this particular model left.

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