WWE Authentic T-Shirts Review: Finn Balor “Balor Club” and Seth Rollins “Kingslayer”

Balor Club T-shirt. WWE Authentic Gear

We take a quick break in consumer tech to talk about something else that I’m passionate about: Professional Wrestling! Yes folks, I’m talking about the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) TV show that’s been going on for decades! Ever since I was young I was hooked to WWE (WWF back then) and it’s the main reason why I got into competitive Judo when I was in High School and College. Now that I have a little more money and I get to travel regularly to the US, I’ve made it a point to buy one WWE Authentic T-Shirt every time I’m there. I just wanted to share with you guys a quick “review” of sorts of the 2 shirts that I’ve gotten since then.

What’s So Special About “WWE Authentic T-Shirts”?

Three things: quality, design, and authenticity.

The shirts are made from 100% high quality cotton. The fabric is a little bit heavy compared to your usual shirt (maybe it’s a sign of the quality of the cotton). I love how it feels though as it doesn’t definitely feel like the cheaply made shirts that you can get from Greenhills. The quality reminds me a lot of the high-quality shirts that you could get from Collezione (the one with the PH map before, hehe). The screen printing of the design is done in the USA and I can also attest to the quality of the print. I’ve used the shirts regularly and washed them often and the prints haven’t peeled off.

Gamit na gamit, lol.

I love the design of WWE merchandise. They translate the personality and elements of the WWE Superstars very well on T-shirts. Here’s what the Seth Rollins Kingslayer shirt print looks like (which was his theme leading to last year’s Wrestlemania match with Triple H):


Lastly is the authenticity. As a fan it’s just nice to know that I bought something authentic from the WWE. It’s a great way to honor and support a company that has entertained me through the years and provided me with a lot of heroes early in my childhood. I’ll definitely continue to buy at least 1 shirt every time I find myself in the US for meetings or vacation.

Spot the Seth Rollins shirt underneath the hoodie! With the wifey on a roadtrip.

The shirts sell in the US for around Php1,300-Php1,400. They have promos every now and then that bring the price down to Php600 but it depends if the one you want is on sale. The newer designs are rarely on sale but the older designs, especially the older WWE superstars are usually in the Php600 range. On where to buy, you can get from the WWE Online Shop or just get it from Amazon (like what I did).

Any WWE fans out there? Hit us in the comments section below to let us know and you might win something from us!

Carlo Ople

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  1. Any love for NXT? Authors of Pain, Sanity, and Heavy Machinery are cool- you’ll know who’s really into WWE if they geek out seeing those threads. Especially if they are big guys in the mold of Samoa Joe. Just like me. Heheh.

  2. WWE’s muscle shirt selection is awesome as well- I think most of the print designs bode well with hitting the gym. Shinsuke’s strong style? Check. Braun’s monster among us? Check. Finn’s demon king? Check. The same goes for the designs for Dean Ambrose, Bayley, Randy Orton… heck, I’d even go for Roman Reign’s logo. One would really feel in character wearing those shirts. It’s just how great those are. Me likey very mucho.

  3. I’ve been a fan since it was known as wwwf, which then became wwf, then wwe. It’s my guilty pleasure, and I describe it as a soap opera for men. Following a storyline, people beat the heck out of each other with no lingering ill effects (well, that’s how it should be in theory)- unlike, say, boxing or mma, where people beat the bejeezus out of each other for reals, with a very high probability of sending one or both competitors to a medical facility after the match. Currently though, I think NXT has a better product than Raw or SD, just because the storylines are tighter and the characters are more relatable to the audience.

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