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ZIIIRO Gravity Watch: Minimalist, Uncommon, and Brilliant

ZIIIRO Gravity Watch in Yellow
ZIIIRO Gravity Watch in Yellow

A drool-worthy watch that won’t cost you a fortune

The ZIIIRO Gravity Watch is arguably one of the most fascinating devices we’ve seen this year. No, it’s not a Smart Watch. It doesn’t have bluetooth, 3G, WiFi, or NFC. It actually is just creatively brilliant! The premise of this watch is simple: a clock face without hands or markings. Instead of the usual two hands and the numbers they put in a constantly changing pattern which indicates time. Keeping with their minimalist design philosophy they removed all distracting elements as well. ZIIIRO actually has several models but the one we’re featuring and reviewing today is the Gravity series which features colorful swirling patterns to indicate time.

How to read time on the ZIIIRO Gravity Watch

What time is it? o_O
What time is it? o_O

For the ZIIIRO Gravity Watch you’re able to tell the time by looking at the tips of the two swirls. There are actually two: one inner and one outer. The tip of the inner swirl tells you the hour while the tip of the outer indicates minutes. Awesome right?! The gradient pattern constantly changes as time passes by.

It might get confusing at the start but you get used to it after a day or two.

What is it made of?

Looks awesome.
Looks awesome.

The strap is actually made from a mix of silicone and metal. This mixture makes the strap flexible and durable at the same time. The Gravity series has a bracelet type strap so there are no clamps or connectors at the end.

Just like your trusty Nokia phone, you can actually change the body with a different color. The ZIIIRO Gravity series comes in white, red, green, blue, yellow, and magenta.

Interchangeable strap FTW
Interchangeable strap FTW

Nokia Lumia and ZIIIRO is a match made in heaven

Nokia Lumia 920 <3 ZIIIRO Gravity
Nokia Lumia 920 <3 ZIIIRO Gravity[/caption] The ZIIIRO Gravity Watch turns your Nokia Lumia into a fashion statement, lol. Our movie editor, Colin, actually has a yellow Nokia Lumia 920. Combined with the ZIIIRO Gravity Watch in yellow, we have a match made in heaven. [caption id="attachment_19089" align="aligncenter" width="728"]Pwede! Pwede!


Where can we buy?

I think the distributor is gearing up to launch the brand in June. We’ll get more details and post it here as we get them. FYI the watch costs around Php7,000. Not too bad considering all the attention this will get you, hehe. šŸ˜›

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