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Unbox the Podcast Coming Soon! Pilot Episode About iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Unbox the Podcast Episode 0 BTS Photo! Hosted by Carlo Ople, Alora Guerrero, and Paolo Montecilio. Guests for Episode 0: Widget City’s Martin Bornilla and MMDA’s Yves Gonzales

Unbox the Podcast Coming Soon! Watch out for it Friends!

Hi everyone! Over the last few months we’ve been receiving multiple requests for video content about the products we review and feature here at Unbox. We’ve tried to do some product shots (very amateur though) and we’ve posted them on our blog posts before. However we felt that it wasn’t enough so we decided to partner with New Media Factory to come up with a weekly video podcast! I’m happy to share that we successfully taped the pilot episode yesterday!

Who are the hosts of the show?

Obviously there’s me, Carlo Ople. We also have two veteran tech journalists on board. TechLokal and TV5’s Alora Guerrero and Inquirer’s Paolo Montecillo. Alora and Paolo combined have decades of experience in covering tech and business. They both have deep insights and crazy expertise brought about by their years of training which really brings so much value to the table. Unbox is truly honored to have them on board for the podcast.

Photo by Yves Gonzales

What’s different about Unbox the Podcast versus other Tech Podcasts?

We focus on what matters the most: the products. On the show the real “bida” are the gadgets and gizmos that you guys want to know more about. Every episode will have a specific theme. For example, the first episode, which we will be uploading soon, exclusively talks about the Apple iPad Mini and the iPhone 5. In the podcast we highlighted the major features of both devices (both good and bad) and specifically relate it to the Filipino setting and consumer. Does it make sense for Pinoys to get an iPad Mini? An iPhone 5? Those are the questions we want to answer in the podcast.

Do we have guests?

We will try to have weekly guests on the show. For the first episode we had a powerhouse duo. Widget City owner Martin Bornilla joined us for the discussion of the iPad Mini. He shared why the prices were high for online sellers as well as how fast it was selling. For the second segment about the iPhone 5 we had Apple fan, App Developer, and MMDAs’ Yves Gonzales. Yves talked about having and using the iPhone 5 for a month.

When will it air? Are episodes live or taped?

Pilot episode was taped. Future episodes will be live (we’re still finalizing what time and day though, it will be weekly) but we will have it for download soon after it airs. You can download either the audio or video versions of the podcast. The pilot episode will be uploaded for viewing this weekend. Watch out for it! 🙂

Hope you guys support the Podcast as you’ve supported this blog! By the way to spice things up we will giving away stuff during the first live airing of our Podcast. Watch out for announcements next week!

*Thank you again to New Media Factory for producing our Video Podcast. Also to Beyond the Box, One Rockwell, for the venue.

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Unbox.ph. During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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