Bluetooth v5.0 is Coming


Bluetooth, while often overlooked when we check out the specs of a new smartphone, has been a godsend. You already know this, but it has been able to link devices to one another to either control, allow us to listen to music with out the hassle of wires, keep our hands on the steering wheel while taking calls on the go, and a great number of other applications. It has come a long way and the data transfer between devices has only gotten faster with each iteration. While most recent smartphone releases and some of the upcoming ones will be equipped with either Bluetooth v4.1 or v4.2, we are already hearing rumblings about its next generation. Bluetooth 5 promises greater ranger, faster speeds, and better beacon support.

With Bluetooth v5.0 we can expect double the data transmission rate between devices from the current generation at up to 4 times the range. The release of the 5th version of Bluetooth, could be as early as the latter part of the year or the first few month of next year. The devices that will support v5.0 come are, of course, further down the pipeline.

Source: PhoneArena



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