Anonymous PH Deface COMELEC’s Website

Anonymous PH

COMELEC’s website gets defaced

The Philippine arm of the hacker collective Anonymous have defaced the Commission of Election’s Website last night, March 27. As of posting time COMELEC’s website cannot be reached, though screenshots of the defaced website is freely available to see on Facebook via Anonymous PH’s Facebook page.

The hacker collective hacked the site in the hopes that COMELEC implements the security features of the PCOS machines to be used in the upcoming May election, which has been subject of controversy as of late. One of the security features is the issuance of voting receipts after voting, which gives people an acknowledgment from the voting machines that their choices has been correctly cast and counted.

Comelec, it is your mandate to protect the integrity of our votes. The people want an honest election. We demand legitimate election results. We hope for encouraging changes in the electoral system. Through the exercise of our right to vote, we long for our hopes, dreams and aspirations to be realized.

Earlier this month the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the vote verification feature of the vote counting machines be enabled for the upcoming election.

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