2011 Nissan Teana Review

2011 Nissan Teana Review

A couple of weeks ago Nissan sent us the test drive unit of their flagship car, the 2011 Nissan Teana. The model they lent us was the 250XL V6 (2.5L) and it came in color Deep Amethyst Purple. From the moment I saw the car when it was delivered my jaw already dropped. The elegant and subtle curves immediately grabbed my attention. In fact it was hard to take my eyes off it! The experience was similar to seeing a gorgeous supermodel walk past you in a mall and you can’t help but turn your head twice! The Nissan Teana 2011 was breathtaking and I was 100% sure that I would be enjoying the time I would spend with it over the weekend!

When the driver handed me the “keys” I was a bit stumped. There was no “key”. It was just a key fob to unlock the door. The driver just told me to get inside and I would figure it out myself. I opened the door and the interior was just stunning and overwhelming! Beautiful quality leather seats (light brown), accents of wood, and a gorgeous LED display on the dashboard which also functioned as the media hub. Anyway, the driver was correct. Instead of your usual ignition slot for the key, I found this:


I put my foot on the brake and pressed the button. Like a lion laying in wait the Teana gave a loud roar and came to life. It’s actually a fun experience and I ended up doing it 2-3 times, hehe. I waved at the driver who delivered the car and he smiled back and said “Enjoy niyo ‘yan sir”. I didn’t answer anymore verbally but my heart was literally jumping in joy as I released the brake and stepped on the gas pedal.

Before we get into the actual driving experience I’d like to quickly touch on all the bells and whistles of the Teana starting with the touchscreen media hub.

The Nissan Teana "Media Hub"

This central dashboard controls a lot of the luxury functions of the car. It controls a multimedia player that can do DVD, CD, AM/FM, GPS, and it also has bluetooth connectivity for streaming your music or doing phone calls. This was actually the first time I had a bluetooth-enabled device in the car that could connect to my phone. I was so impressed with the experience that I ended up buying something similar (not as expensive obviously) for my 2003 Ford Escape.

By the way, the screen also is connected to a camera at the back giving you an easier time when you’re in reverse parking backwards. The latest models of other mid-range sedans like the Honda Civic actually have this already.

There are several useful compartments that you don’t usually find in other vehicles. For example at the top near the rearview mirror you’ll find a slot for your sunglasses. I ended up thinking that all cars should have this since it’s nice to have and it doesn’t cost that much to install in cars.

High tech!

Now let’s get to how it drives. The 2011 Nissan Teana’s 2.5 liter V6 engine is more than enough power to deliver a smooth, elegant, and comfortable ride. We tested it for the usual city driving and we had no problem with is whatsoever. Despite the size it was pretty agile and easy to maneuver. The acceleration was also very responsive giving you those boosts when you need it. We took this baby up for an out-of-town drive and all the overtaking and downshifts were easy.

I want one. Seriously.

After driving this baby around for a couple of days I came to the conclusion that I wanted one (LOL). The Nissan Teana is definitely in my “wish list” of cars! I’m happy that Nissan is seriously looking into integrating more technology into their cars which makes me confident that we’ll see more useful bells and whistles later on.

There are two models. The Nissan Teana 250XL V6 (2.5L) sells for Php1,690,000 while the higher 350XV V6 (3.5L) comes in for Php1,998,000.

Thank you Nissan Philippines for the unforgettable weekend with the Nissan Teana! And to those that can afford this, we highly recommend it.

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