Caltex Wants to Prove how Good Fuel can Go a Long Way

Radio DJ KC Montero, professional rally race car driver Natasha Chang, Caltex Product Engineering Manager Greg Engeler, and Caltex Global Manager Brian Fisher holding the Guinness World Record for the fastest ascent to Doi Chang using a road car.

And even break world records

When it comes to a car’s performance, fuel quality plays a vital role. Beyond octane numbers and Euro standards, a fuel’s composition

To prove this, Caltex invited radio DJ KC Montero and Jamaican-Chinese professional rally race car driver Natasha Chang to race 28-year old cars at Thailand’s Doi Chang Mountain road fueled by Caltex with Techron.

Chang and Montero.

The challenge, which was held last March 14, had Chang bagging the Guinness World Record, conquering the Doi Chang Mountain road with a sub-7 minute time using a 28-year old Honda Civic Hatchback.

“With the world record powered by Caltex with Techron, our campaign encourages drivers to fuel up the same fuel that set a world record and experience its power in their everyday drive,” Caltex Global Manager Brian Fisher said.

Caltex Techron comes with unique chemistry that is proven to remove and protect an engine from deposits in crucial areas, helping the engine achieve maximum power.

The two-part show documenting how Montero and Chang race for the world record will be shown in the Philippines soon.

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