Ducati Diavel

Ducati, the Italian motorcycle brand, just launched a new bike, the Ducati Diavel. It is Ducati’s most unique bike yet, which resembles a cruiser bike (those bikes that biker gangs use), but it can power up like a muscle bike (bikes with really, really strong engines) and race like a sports bike (those bikes they race on Star Sports, Moto GP).

Not your ordinary bike

Unlike normal street bikes, it has a wide rear wheel like in sports bikes, but has a low seat like cruiser bikes. This allows the rider to be comfortable when riding steady, with the back straight and the head not close to the front of the bike, but turn like a pro when approaching corners.

The basic model costs about Php 1.25 million. There is also a top of the line, carbon fiber body model, the Diavel Carbon, available for Php 1.45 million.

More on this from TopGear PH.

Check out the video of the bike here. It’s gorgeous.

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  1. Beautiful Bike!!! Ducati has been able to successfully get back to a motorcycle market being dominated by the cheaper Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese bikes and the more expensive German and American bikes! Coming out of financial problems, a sudden win in the World Superbike race by the Ducati 888 caught everyone’s attention. The 888 now a legend together with the Monster machines after, there was no stopping Ducati! By concentrating on the Yuppie single rider, racing machine available to the general public, and going radical in design (by proudly showing the frame instead of merely going aerodynamic), Ducati found their magic formula! YEHEY!

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