Grab to Charge Php 50 for Booking Cancellations and No-Shows

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The policy should curb irresponsible behavior among drivers and passengers

Are you frustrated at Grab drivers not showing up or cancelling your bookings? Grab might be able to resolve that: in its new policy, it will be charging Php 50 for cancellations and no-shows.

The penalty applies to passengers who terminate a ride 5 minutes after getting a driver and for passengers who fail to show up at the pick-up point within 5 minutes upon arrival of their booking. The window is shorter at 3 minutes for GrabShare. For drivers, the penalty applies if they do not cancel a booking within 5 minutes or if it takes them more than 15 minutes beyond the estimated time of arrival.

Passengers who cancel two bookings in an hour, three in a day, or five in a week will not be able to use their accounts for 24 hours.

The same penalty applies to drivers as well: those who are selective or cancel bookings without a valid reason may be locked out of the platform. Passengers automatically earn 30 points if a driver cancels a ride.

“Our intention in implementing this new policy is to create a better ride-hailing ecosystem, where both passengers and drivers practice the responsible use of the Grab platform,” Grab president Brian Cu said.


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