LTFRB Approves Php 2 Fare Hike for Jeepneys

The minimum fare will be Php 10 starting this November

UPDATE: In a report by Rappler, LTFRB also approved a Php 1 provisional fare hike for Metro Manila buses and a Php 0.15 per kilometer hike for provincial buses. 

LTFRB has approved a permanent Php 2 fare hike for all jeepneys in a decision released today. The said decision, which covers jeeps from NCR, Region III, and Region IV, permanently increases fares to Php 10 starting November.

The approved fare hike replaces the previously approved Php 1 provisional fare hike last June. The appeal for the Php 2 permanent fare hike had a tough battle amidst increasing fuel prices due to the TRAIN Law. Last May, a group of jeepney drivers proposed a Grab-like “surge pricing” fare adjustment due to heavy traffic around Metro Manila, on top of the burden of diesel prices going up.

On LTFRB’s part, approving the Php 2 fake hike is proof that they finally acknowledge the inflationary effect of the TRAIN law. Back in January, the LTFRB was reluctant in approving the fare hikes, stating that “consultations need to be held with stake holders and the people who will be impacted by the price hikes.”


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