LTFRB Suspends Grab’s Php 2 Per Minute Travel Time Charge

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A much-needed wake-up call for the ride-hailing app?

While it has been just a few days since Uber has ceased operations in the Philippines for good, a number of commuters have been complaining about Grab’s services, ranging from canceled bookings to exorbitant fare prices. The LTFRB has been conducting hearings with Grab, and they found out that the ride-hailing app has been charging commuters Php 2 per minute, of which Grab failed to inform commuters, as revealed during yesterday’s hearing.

LTFRB’s response? They have issued an order today suspending Grab’s Php 2 per minute to its commuters effective immediately.

The order is part of LTFRB’s response to Grab allegedly overcharging its passengers, on top of horror stories that some Grab drivers ask for an extra charge to commuters. LTFRB’s recent order should be a wake-up call for Grab to comply with government regulations regarding fair pricing of fares.

Aside from the order against Grab, LTFRB has granted the accreditation of two new players: Hype and HirNa. Hype COO Jen Silan confirmed in a report that they will start operations by mid-May. With the accreditation of Hype and HirNa, this should ease the worries of commuters with Grab monopolizing the TNC market.



Grab Owes Customers Refund For Illegal Fares: Lawmaker

Grab Owes Customers Refund For Illegal Fares: Lawmaker

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