Strida Evo 3: Portable, Belt-driven, Folding Bicycle

Yep, that's a bike.
Yep, that’s a bike.

Meet the Strida Evo 3

A few days ago we were treated to a demo of the Strida Evo 3 by bicycle enthusiast Christian Ronquillo. Unlike your usual mountain and recreational bikes, the Strida Evo 3 is portable and foldable. It’s easy-to-use, quick-to-fold, and relatively easy to maintain. When folded you can actually just wheel it like some sort of walking-stick.

We took a video of Christian’s demo. Check it out below.

Cool eh!?!???

Here are photos of it folded and in full bike mode:


This sells for over Php40,000. Definitely pricey. If you want one just hop on over to the Philippine Strida Facebook Page.

Carlo Ople

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