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We were loaned a sky blue Vespa LX150 for the weekend and it was definitely an experience worth writing about! The Vespa LX150 is a happy, fun, smooth, and subtly powerful ride that will turn heads as you zip through the busy streets of Metro Manila. Unlike traditionally designed bikes that you see here in the Philippines the Vespa has a larger back and front wheel. This gives it a low center of gravity which actually helps you in control and maneuverability. You’ll also be very comfortable in the ergonomically designed seat which keeps your arms, legs, and torso in optimal position.

The Vespa LX150 isn’t a slouch as well. It’s 150cc engine will let you ride the speed you want (well not the dangerous levels, hehe) unlike other scooters or bikes that just pack 50cc.

Vespa LX150: style, power, and... coolness. πŸ˜€

How’s the ride? In a word, superb.

You get great balance and control due to the low center of gravity. This helps reduce wobble in turns at higher speeds. The turning radius and response is also great and very responsive to the shift in weight of the rider’s body. The LX’s mixed type braking system (hydraulic linkage and dual opposed piston hydraulic caliper) gives you confidence as you hit the brakes. The suspension is also phenomenal as I rarely had any problem with humps or potholes even with one passenger on board.

Acceleration is relaxed, cool, and smooth. I was actually surprised at how fast I got in such a short amount of time considering the Vespa looked like a slow ride due to the design.

Great suspension and brakes!

Another field that the Vespa excels in is detail. The scooter is gorgeous from the top-down. There are no cheap and loose buttons, controls, or hand levers. The gauges are also beautifully well lit, simple, and easy-to-understand. The classic round chrome side mirror also gives it a vintage look. I’m definitely impressed with the craftsmanship!

They also put an advanced built-in alarm system. One call to the dealer and you can have the bike disabled from afar. Sweet.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy and appreciate:

Just beautiful!
Great attention to detail!

Lastly, one particular feature that I like is the color. The light blue tone doesn’t intimidate or give off the “angas” feel. The bike is very pleasant and cool to the eyes.

Over-all the Vespa LX150 was a very happy and fun ride. It’s a great city bike and with proper maintenance this scooter will last a very long time making it a great investment.

The Vespa LX150 retails for Php199,999 (promo price). It’s more expensive than a lot of other bikes but it’s not just for show. If you’re the type that loves great quality products and brands then you seriously have to consider the Vespa LX150.

*This article was contributed by Mike Orosa
*Photos by Michelle Orosa-Ople

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