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We Rode Froehlich Tours’ Premium Bus And It Was Awesome


A comfortable and easy way to commute

While we love driving, we hate the roads in Manila. The traffic situation is getting out of hand, and anybody who drives to work every day will tell you how much of a hassle it is to drive in Manila, especially EDSA, every day. But for many professionals, it’s the only choice – using the MRT is literally like training for mixed martial arts, and riding the regular bus takes forever and is sometimes unsafe. You could use Grab and Uber every day, but if you computed the cost of using these ride-sharing apps, you’d be better off buying your own car.

Seats that can be reclined.
Seats that can be reclined.

There is an alternative, if you’re heading to Makati and are coming from QC. Froehlich Tours operate a point-to-point bus service from Trinoma in Quezon City to Glorietta 5 in Makati. P2P means that the bus doesn’t stop to pick up passengers anywhere and only stops once it hits the designated drop off points.

We had an appointment in Makati so we tried it out, leaving our car in Trinoma’s parking lot. The service has buses that leaves promptly from the designated points (EDSA side near Landmark in QC and Glorietta 5 in Makati) in 30-minute intervals even if the buses aren’t full.

A TV, free WiFi and a CCTV to keep an eye on everything.

The fare is just Php 55, and the bus that we rode in was the swanky double decker one that even had a VIP lounge and a bathroom. The seats are arranged in 2×2 segments, which is far cry from the crowded seats in regular buses. The seats can even be  reclined if you want to doze off while heading to Makati.

Bikers are welcome to use service

The buses have free WiFi as well and welcome bike riders as well. The staff of Froehlich are helpful and accommodating, and even allows bikers to stash their bikes in the luggage compartment when commuting to Makati. Best of all it’s safe – you can freely take out your gadgets and use them to pass the time (there’s a CCTV installed that keeps an eye on everything) which is something that we absolutely discourage if you’re commuting in regular buses.

Travel time is an hour and a half though you might want to add ten minutes to that time when you are traveling from QC to Makati since the bus has to do a U-turn in EDSA, which is typical of the travel time we have if we drove ourselves, excluding the time it takes to find decent parking. The bus was largely empty when we left QC at around 1:30, though it was almost full when we left Makati at 5:30.

The commute was pleasant and comfortable, two words that we thought we’d never use when using public transportation here in the Philippines. The driver was also rather courteous and wasn’t aggressive like other bus drivers in EDSA that think they’re extras in Mad Max Fury Road. We really do recommend this service for people who take cars to Makati every day especially if you live around QC to avoid the hassle of driving in EDSA. The more people who use this awesome service, the less cars there will be on the road.

To know more about Froehlich Tours’ service, you can visit their Facebook page here. 

(PS: This isn’t a paid post. We just found the service so awesome that we had to share it with people since there’s not a lot of visibility for it. The more cars that are taken off the road, the faster everybody’s commute will be).


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    Appreciate it also for sharing that this is not a paid post. Would you let us know the same for your other post if it were a paid one? 🙂

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